• January 23rd, 2013

    With this blog I like to share my stories and experiences with you. A journey of life and an exploration of my place in this world.

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  • October 22nd
    The last three weeks (since my first blog) have been quite a journey. It definitely hasn't been the easiest time, but I am starting to find more of my own flow as well.
  • October 1st
    My first blog on my experiences at an unique tropical permaculture project in Panama. I will stay here for at least a year and work to build a community and help manage the project.
  • May 31st
    Ever made your own Artisan home made sourdough bread? My love for bread has just entered a whole new dimension by making my own rustic bread loaves. Read on to see how easy it is to make your own!
  • February 4th
    I am living my life and I want to use this blog to share it with you. To tell what my life is like after not having chosen to work, study and follow the ordinary flow of life. I hope you will be enjoying my stories and wish they may inspire you as well.